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1987 Kuwahara Bravo Team Issue

1987 Kuwahara Bravo Team Issue

From My Private Collection #1 - Team Issue

1987 Kuwahara Bravo Team

I had a original 87 Bravo years back and foolishly sold it! Over time I've come to find my self collecting a majority of Kuwaharas again! So it only felt right that I had a bravo in my possession... well after some hard work and a lot of patience, I was able to restore my personal grail!! Powder coated jet black, and then splattered by me personally! What a crazy adventure... so happy to have finished up my new rider just in time for autumn! Going to get a handful of rides in before the snowflakes start falling! 

Shout out to member Robmac for the pro-tips! Appreciate it big time! If you wanna see another super sweet Bravo I suggest you check out his build/collection aswell. 

Restored August/September 2018! 

Kuwahara/Anlun Bravo f/f
Kuwahara/Anlun Bravo bars
Kuwahara seat 
Kuwahara/Anlun freestyle stem
Peregrine 42t chainwheel 
Peregrine seat clamp
Peregrine Super Pro 48s
Peregrine HP 52-406 tires
Redline Flight cranks
MKS Grafight XX pedals
AME Tri-Grips
Dia-compe tech-77 levers
Dia-compe brakes
Vans Kool stop pads

Submitted by Surfthehilux

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