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1984 Kuwahara Laserlite

1984 Kuwahara Laserlite

Lightening Fast right of the rack!

Lucky to find this almost all original Laser Lite locally.

This was Kuwahara's top of the line complete race bike. This one doesn't have the Sugino 400 three piece cranks but I have heard that some shops used to swap them out to get the price on these a bit lower so they would sell easier. Not sure the real story but these looked to be stock when I removed them for cleaning and new grease.
My best friend use to have one of these back in the day, so it was a must have for the collection.
This is an early 84 as it still has both oval top and down tubes.
Something I found cool is that they came from the factory with only one chain tensioner on the drive side. I have had three og Kuwi's all with the same detail, must be a stock thing.

Submitted by Knarly