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1983 Kuwahara Laserlite

1983 Kuwahara Laserlite

Second of my two dream bikes when I raced as a kid. Having fun getting back on the track with these vintage bikes!

Purchased this from an ebayer who did a nice job pulling this together (jlanglois-2012).  I remember going into the SwissAmerica bike shop as a 13/14yr old and seeing this bike displayed and always wanted it.  30 years later I could finally afford it (although it hasn't helped me get any better on the track now)!  

Not entirely sure what was original, he added the ACS rims and hubs, hutch seatpost and seat.  I added the stem that is new but looks like the original.  I purchased the early 80's Redline Flight full wrap cranks, dia compe brakes, suntour pedals and added the GT handlebars.  

It rides like a dream.

Submitted by jberg27