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1983 Kuwahara Laserlite

1983 Kuwahara Laserlite

Absolutely 100% OG

I got this locally off of someone who does HVAC out of New Haven CT.  He says he saw it on a job before.  He then returned one day and asked if she'd sell it.  It was sitting in her basement for 30 years since her son passed. 

It's striking to me to see a bike in this shape after so many years. 
What's interesting is that it has a lot of the higher end parts of the laserline - Elina seat, Ukai speedlines, but it's clearly a Survivor with a OPC.  I dont know the backstory of how they made these changes at factory and such.  I'd be happy to hear people's views on whether they think it's a Survivor of if it's a Laserlite with a swap out of the 400s.