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1983 Kuwahara Laserlite

1983 Kuwahara Laserlite

Not all that rare but FF and bars are near perfect.

I've had this for some time as well as most of the parts on it yeah I dont like the grips either add some other later when I come across some I had these old araya 7C from a CYC I have nice condition and straight. Took the cranks and BB from my JMC found the NOS Schwinn seat and MKS graphites at a local bike shop that kindly let me scavenge trough they're inventory as well as the brake lever and GT megabites. Not positive of the year.

Submitted by BlackSaturday

  • Race
  • Company: Kuwahara
  • Model: Laserlite
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Kuwahara laserlite FF, bars and seat post, Araya 7 C's blue spokes. Bullseye BB and cranks MKS graphites pedals. SChwinn seat. pro neck stem