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1983 Kuwahara KYZ

1983 Kuwahara KYZ

A classic looptail cromoly/Hi-ten steel frame with race components. One owner since 1983. Thanks to info from Gooser, I can call it a KYZ with confidence.

This was my first real BMX, which I got in 83. After seeing ET, I had to have a Kuwa. When I left home, it was lent to my cousin to get him to and from school. The bike was stored in my parents' garage in the 90s when he left school. I pulled it out in 2005 for restoration. UPDATE: My KYZ will soon be an ET with gold parts (similar to the ET-1 in the ad with the boy looking out of the window). The frame is being sprayed and I'll post pics as soon as the whole job is done. I'm making the ET the way I always wished it should've been, in 1983. I didn't like the original ET frame, which I thought felt clumsy and heavy, so I chose the KYZ due to the lighter frame and better racing components. But I remember always wishing my bike looked like an ET... just like Elliot's. Time to do something about that. 

Thanks to Uli in Germany and Adam in the UK, I have a set of ET pads coming my way (two original 80s and repro handlebar pad).  I intend to use the ET pads for show, while the lightning pads will be used when riding. Kevin Murphy in the States is a great guy to get stuff from and to deal with, thanks sfor the lightning pads Kevin. This project is getting so exciting as I'm finding the more correct parts. So new pics will show the changes. Also a huge thanks to Howie Cohen with all his advice that helps me push this build to another level, beyond my expectations, and to my friend Grant Dekker for getting the framed sprayed. Bru, I'm so chuffed with the result.

Submitted by kuwasakid

  • Race
  • Company: Kuwahara
  • Model: KYZ
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details I'm not sure how much that was in $ or pounds. I think the rand was equal to the US Dollar about then, so could have been $450. A lot of money in 83