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2010 Kuwahara Survivor 24

2010 Kuwahara Survivor 24

Nice mix of modern and old school parts

Pretty cool bike - bought the frame and fork (not pictured) from GAry back in 2010, and it was my first 'new school' bike. In fact I had never installed modern components like a threadless fork and stem! Over the years I've never really known what to do with this one. The geometry is awesome but something was off. So for the past five or six years she's sat up on a shelf in the garage, as I figured out what needed to make her look and ride like a legitimate Kuwahara from BITD. So in fall of 2019 decided I'd enough of staring at her and decided I had enough modern and old school parts laying around to make a go out of you see today. Started taking off the build by taking a hacksaw to the V-brake mounts on the rear tubes. They were welded onto the sides of the tubes, not directly into them - and always looked flimsy as hell. Followed that with installing a polished DC MX 1000 brake. While it doesn't have the stopping power of today it looks A LOT better, IMO. The original matching forks must be steel, because they're heavy as hell. Pulled out a set of 2004 Supercross 24 forks to see how they looked and figured 'good enough.' The rest came together as I started building her. The wheels are a set of 24x2.00 chrome stamped Arayas laced to Suzue hubs. Handlebars are from an old Hutch Pro Racer, and I've had the Elina forever. Pedals are Shimano XCs, and the grips are Oakley. All-in-all I think she turned out great … feels like I'm riding a truly dialed in race bike from the 80s and always puts a smile on my face.

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