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2000 Kink Fiend

2000 Kink Fiend

parted it out, but saving the frame. hardly ever see these frames anymore, so i don't plan to part with it.

cleaned it up enough to ride. still unsure of what the forks are though

Kink Fiend frame, Dave Young Pro model
unknown fork
SBC Stem
S&M Slam Bars
Primo v-grips
GT Mohawk front wheel
WTP cranks
Profile Blackjack sprocket
Primo Super Meat Tenderizer pedals
KMC Chain
Demolition Seatpost clamp
Shadow Conspiracy post
Primo Pentagon Seat
Antix rear wheel
Primo Venus Chain Tensioner
Kink Pegs
Dirt Harry lever
Dia-comp 990's

Submitted by Misfitmike63

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