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1997 Kink Empire

1997 Kink Empire

One of the first 25 prototype frames built for Kink by Spooky Cycles.

Hand-built Empire Prototype! Has the “Spooky Cycles” sticker on top of the raw finish. Still a little ways to go to finish this build.

This frame sat unbuilt and raw in a box for 23 years....! Just decided about a month ago to finally build it up. Got it from Zack at Kink in a Rochester, NY (in 1997 or so) when they were kicking off Kink’s first frames.

Seeking out an original pair of uncut Kink Redwing bars and cross-bolt stem to finish this build.

Currently built with a 2000-era S&M pitchfork.

Cool example of mid-school bomb-proof BMX.

Submitted by Mike_T