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1997 King Bike Co. Liberty

1997 King Bike Co. Liberty

A rare bird! Not many of these made....

Great-riding original bike that I've had since new for 23 years....crazy! (How does that happen so fast....)

Bought and built this up in 1997 after my beloved Homeless Mack (first gen) was stolen. (Well, technically, it was in the trunk of my car that was stolen....)

My friend Greg Walsh (of Kink and then Primo fame) helped me pick out a solid (if heavy....) list of parts to build this up with. 
S&M Stupid Forks/Redneck combo, some Primo and Kink parts, Peregrine Super Pro 48's, and for some reason one-piece cranks, ha!

More recently I installed the mid-school Haro "Joe Dirt" front tire and a newer Federal rear. The bike has always wanted fatter rubber to offset the weight! (The 48's bear a good amount of wobble and dings from the years of street riding on narrow 1.75" tires....)

Also just recently pulled the Castillo bars off, and threw the Haro Lineage re-pop Kneesaver bars on there, always loved the way these bars look and feel.

Geometry on this thing still feels great.
Still a rad machine after all these years!

Submitted by Mike_T