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1995 KHE Catweasle

1995 KHE Catweasle


This build started. because I heard about the spring build off bike build on BMX MUSEUM. I never turn down a excuse to build a nother bike(LOL)went searching for a frame. saw this KHE for sale on BMX MUSEUME. really dug the looks of this mid school cool KhE CW freestyle copy frame. the price was also some thing I could not pass up.

any ways this is the parts list
frame NOS mid school KHE Catweasle.

forks NOS with shelf wear BULLET PRO.

head set NOS green painted TIOGA striped and powder coated same pink as frame decals + added a used HUTCH HEAD lock.

GYRO/rotor used powder coated pink ODYSSEY GYRO with new SST ORYGY cables.

stem NOS 2 HIP. like a ACS slant but stronger.

handle bars used HB Huff Man bikes love handels.

brake levers NOS DIA-compe tech 77 locking.

grips new pink ODI long neck cut to fit .

front brake used ACS with new blue COOL STOP brake pads.

back brake new DIA-COMPE 990 AD.

seat used GT preformer.

seat post NOS 24.5 chrome steal no brand name.

seat clamp alloy NOS CD inc powder coated pink.

cranks used GT profile made 3PC 175 MM.

pedals used SHIMANO DX 9/16.

sprocket used first gen 30 tooth GRAVE YARD. Grave Yard mad the best mid school parts for flatland freestyle!

chain used IZUME.

front wheel UKIA chromed 48 laced to sealed bearing SAVOY hub.

rear wheel SUN chrome 48 rim laced sealed bearing GT Mohawk flip flop hub and 13 tooth free wheel.

will be building a better custom pair of wheels when money is in the bank!

rear tire NOS ACS RL .

front tire HARO MULTI .

front pegs NOS alloy ODYSSEY BEAR FOOT.

to me NOS  (NEW OLD STOCK)  just means no worries how used and abused it is!

want to see more of it click coments more pic's in there!



  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: KHE Bikes
  • Model: Catweasle
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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