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2005 KGB Psychonnecta

2005 KGB Psychonnecta

My Favorite Build.

2005 KGB Psychonnecta

SOLD! Dec 30/2016

Serial #  NECTA185   -   CIC25I2741

 Nos 2005 KGB Psychonnecta Frame in pink ( 18.5 " brakeless version, 1 1/8 threadless )
 Khe Tanaka Forks ( zero offset with brake mounts) 
Quamen Macoss Stem Gen 1
 Nos Sick Child Rehab bars ( zero sweep, 8" rise)
 Nos Bizhouse Gym Grips 
Nos Eastern Bar & Grip Ends
 Nos 34R Clito Lever 
Nos Odyssey Slick Housing ( 34 R inner cable wire)
 Nos Eclat Sealed Headset 
Nos Spacers ( no name)
 Nos Shadow Conspiracy 990 Caliper front
 Nos Thomson 25.4mm Seat Clamp
 Nos KHE Prismatic Post 30mm 
Nos KHE Watanbe Seat
 Nos KGB Trilogy Sprocket 28 T 
Nos KHE Hollow Link 3/32 Chain
 Nos Profile Mini Mag Cranks 160mm ( with Ti hardware and Spindle, euro Outboard sealed BB)
 Nos Pedals ( no name 9/16 fade pink) 
Nos KHE Flat Mac 1.70 tires 
Nos Profile SS 48 Hole hubs ( 3/8 rear axle conversion, 3/8 front)
 Nos Tree Stick Pegs ( 4" long , 3/8 )
 Nos Araya RB-J1 Himiko 48 H Rims 
Nos Asahi Godo Chrome spokes (Araya blue nipples)

 One of my favorite builds because it’s a custom piece. The story on frame goes like this: Museum member Roy Munson replied to my WTB ad for pink KGB frame . He said his close friend growing up still had one never built but the problem was he moved from Indiana to Florida and they didn't really have means to contact each other . He assured me his bro was trustworthy and gave me a number to call which was last known number he had. It was all very rocky on how the heck I would pull this off but I wanted this frame colour badly ( very hard to find) so I started calling number. Once a day everyday leaving messages for weeks. I wasn’t getting any responses, but Roy insisted to not stop. One day it happens: A nice woman's voice on other end of line asks " are you that guy from Canada that keeps asking about my sons pink bike ?" Lol. The rest is history Roy’s boy Dylon hooked me up. I thank both of these guys huge! 

Another notable mention is to Ed Nussbaum owner and all around awesome human being of Sick Child Bike Co. He was so impressed with my passion to build and my need for his Rehab Bars to complete the bike he sent me his very own museum grade bars. I wouldn't have been able to find these as they were discontinued years ago. Thanks bro .

 Last but not least my friend 2Fresh (aka Timo) from Finland spent lots of time passing on great KGB info to me as well as correct specs for all decals. He continues to pass his knowledge on to me he's one of coolest guys on here. It also helps when your best friend is Martti Kuoppa half owner KGB bikes - lol, thanks T. 

Special Thanks: Roy Munson ( frame) Suicidepan ( stem, forks , Profile Hubs) Glenny ( bike builder ) ED owner of SICK CHILD BIKE CO. ( bars) 2Fresh ( decal specs )

Submitted by Shiznitme

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: KGB
  • Model: Psychonnecta
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: Internal