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1980 Kent Trail Climber 16

1980 Kent Trail Climber 16

Sweet Vintage BMX for my mini-chip

I spotted this one at the local SAVERS for $4.99 and didnt think twice....

When my 6 y.o saw it she was stoked, did a little dance and could not wait to go for a rip!

I gave her a wash, wax, and overhauled the BB....the rest worked pretty good. The finishes are in great shape, and I fell in love with the bad ass POL-CROSS tires right away!  I'm assuming POL stands for Poland based on some of the other markings so heres an example of some sweet vintage BMX from our Polish brothers.

I'm glad I found this and was able to put it to good use-as you can see, with the right pilot, it will leave you in the dust! Its got about another year in the house of chippy and then I will probably pass it on.

**hello BMX peoples, if you want this for your lil tyke to ride or just for your collection, contact me. its a bit more worn now, but has got plenty of life left in it!***