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1987 Kent Concept Ultra-Style

1987 Kent Concept Ultra-Style

As with all my bikes, this one has it's story too.

 December 26, 1988 (My 7th birthday). My mom took me into the local Kiddie City to pick out my very first bike. I remember the whole day like yesterday. I walked down the isle all the way to the end. It sounded like no. no. no. no. no. no THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!

 I remember taking the bike home and driving around the block to show the neighborhood kids. I used to tell everyone it was called a Concept because I didn't know right away that it wa a Kent.  I was the first kid in my age group to get a BMX bike. A week later everyone had them . I was a hero for that last week of 1988 though.


Fast foward to 2012. After getting back into BMX after 15 years I got wondering as to what the bike was I had as a kid. I even posted a thread in the Name It forum. All I knew was it was green with white wheel plates and white parts. After searching obsessively for weeks with no results this completely unmolested survivor bike popped up in the classifieds. When I saw the bike it was like a giant hammer hitting me in the head. THATS MY BIKE!!!! I struck a deal with the owner who was great to deal with and now it's mine again after 24 years. This bike was only living 45 minutes away from my house. It also seems to be extremely rare as I have searched endlessly and there is one other like it on the internet and it's here in the museum (Where it belongs).

The more I look at this bike the more childhood memories come flying at me. That is the best part of this hobby.  My 4 year old will be riding this around in a few years. Thats pretty amazing also. Thanks for reading!!!

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