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1975 Kawasaki BX-200

1975 Kawasaki BX-200

"David Clinton's Factory Issued bike" Team Issue Kawasaki owned by Bob "Oz" osborn and Rick "Reilley1" Gaytan

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was 13 years old waiting for the late great Tom DeRosier of Tom's Bike Shop in El Centro to open the door cause I knew the new issue of Bicycle Motocross news had arrived.

I saw the cover and I freaked; there was Dave Clinton doing something so incredibly amazing that I took the issue, read about all the stuff, looked at a picture of someone named Bob Osborn racing a father's day bikes and left the shop almost forgetting to pay for the paper because I couldn't get my mind off that amazing cover.
I remember that I walked about half a block were my dad worked at Womack Mitchell's Chevrolet and showed him the picture. His reply was "He crashed."
We even made a bet about it and I wrote Bob Osborn at BMX news. I received a reply a few weeks later (I like to believe Oz had replied but not totally sure about it) The letter stated. "Nah. he does that thing all the time. I won my (one and only bet) from my dad.
I met David at the races over the years. I respected all the well known riders, but Dave was almost a hero. I again met him at Joe Kid and we had some great conversation.

Two years ago, I get a chance to "buy" the bike. I told Dave that the bike would get a pretty penny on e-bay but as much as I would like to have it, I couldn't afford to give what the bike was worth.
At the same time, Bob Osborn and were talking about Dave and how we felt he was the first "true" BMX hero. I mentioned the bike and what I had told David. Without hesitation Oz says "Get the bike, I'll pay half" I tried to tell Bob that I didn't think it was right and he wouldn't get anything tangible out of it. He pretty much answered "Shut the F up, get the bike and put my name on it when you show it off"

Submitted by reilley1

  • Race
  • Company: Kawasaki
  • Model: BX-200
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1975 Kawasaki Team issue frame & Fork Kawasaki seat, post. Custom made solid "Shocks" Made by Brian Curnell's grandfather (only 4 sets were made) "Simi" early Motomags Cheng Shin Tires Schwinn Headset Schwinn Diamond Crank Schwinn Bottom Bracket Schwinn Seat Clamp Union Pedals Doherty Grips AAA Rascal bars Original Dave Clinton Plate

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