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Kawasaki (1974–1976)

Kawasaki made bicycles for a short time, and have started again

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  • In 1996 cheap department store bikes were sold with the Kawasaki name plastered all over.  They were high tensile steel frames Manufactured by Huffy, licensed to be sold under the Kawasaki name (no other affiliation with Kawasaki).
  • It seems that in 2005 they have started selliing bmx bikes again.  Low end department store bikes again trying to drum up sales by using the Kawasaki name, but again NOT made by Kawasaki.
Looking for anyone who currently owns a Kawasaki Motocross Bicycle from 1974-1977.
MX, Professional MX, BX100, BX200, BMX100 or BMX200 models.

For the past few years now I have been working on a project to document the history of these bicycles.
As part of the project have created an online Serial Number Registry Database to help try and figure out the Serial Numbers, total production numbers and track specification changes for these bicycles.

Here's the online Database link below:

If you have one of these bicycles and would like to share your frame Serial Number and a photo of the Serial Number along with a few details of your bicycle it would be greatly appreciated.
If you see your bicycle already listed on in the Registry and you are not listed as the current owner please let me know and we can add you.