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1989 Kastan Kex Expert

1989 Kastan Kex Expert

4 Speed Kastan

My daughter wanted a bike with gears and I'm a BMX guy so I combined a Browning 2 speed with a Suntour 2 speed and built her a bike with gears. 

I've always loved the strange and obscure, parts that were ahead of there time, parts that were different. Ideas that were outside of the box.
Centrivical Bottom Brackets and headsets, The Cook Brothers Uni Stem, Clemtwin cranks, Slingshot frames, you get where I'm coming from.
This bike celebrates the best of Old school different.  
If you ride the bikes you build and understand the importance of chain line I hope you can appreciate the driveline on this bike.
Browning two speed up front controlled by a Shimano DX 2 speed lever. Suntour 2 speed down back with original Suntour 2 speed thumb lever.
It works beautifully and I love the overall look of it. Vector Bars, unique awesome. Elina UL seat and post, gotta love it.
This bike was created for my daughter. She sparked the idea and she enjoyed and rode this bike until she grew out of it recently.
Now my son can't wait until his big enough to ride it.
I hope you enjoy. 

Submitted by benmad

  • All-Around
  • Company: Kastan
  • Model: KEX Expert
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame Kastan Kex Expert 1989, Fork and hub Kastan Uniblade, Bars Vector Expert size, Cranks Cook Bros, Rear Hub Crupi, Rims Proclass 1.5, Seat and post Elina UL, Headset lock Hutch, Pedals Skyway Jnr, Front chainring Browning, Rear Suntour, Levers Shimano DX with Terry Cable cover, Rear Brake Mafac Racer with Brake booster, Grips ODI Mushroom, Pads and donuts Flite.,

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