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1988 Kastan KEX Pro

1988 Kastan KEX Pro

Bought this frame and fork off of a member,took forever to get all the NOS parts,finally finished it!!!!!

Had this frame listed here before,which I bought off a member.

I raced expert and pro in Salt Lake City Utah,in the early nineties and couldn’t find this frame set in red,took decades!!!
1988 Kastan Kex pro, never been built up,NOS
Kastan forklifter pro bars,Nos.
DK xxl stem with an original red old school Tange sealed headset and OG Oakley B1Bs not remakes.
Kastan seat post,NOS 80s suede Kashimax saddle,also NOS
80’s first gen proto typePitbull Brake,have never seen another.
NOS RB 17 original chrome rims laced with Sapin pro chrome double butted spokes and anno red nipples.Original  Kastan prototype front hub and a Phil Wood rear,which I converted to a 3/8” axle and mounted with a pair of OG Revcore frame savers.
Kastan power disc with a PPP sprocket NOS,and a set of eighties chrome chain wheel bolts from a Cyclepro.
The cranks are a very lightly used set of full wrap single pinch Redline 185mm 401’s
Pedals are a never used set up Crupi pro rounds.
Tires are a set of staggered Tioga Compe Three Rainbow label,also never used.
Got the pads from my man Sittiphol  in Asia somewhere,does amazing work...
Bottom bracket is an Ashtabula that I hand p@cked the sealed bearings,and searched forever for and built piece by slowly acquired piece!
This is the holy Grail of my many race bikes and I hope you enjoy!!!
This bike has yet to be ridden.
  • Race
  • Company: Kastan
  • Model: KEX Pro
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Took me a year and a half searching for NOS parts only. Could NOT half ass this build,would have waited decades if necessary!!