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2005 Kappa Torker Tribute 26

2005 Kappa Torker Tribute 26

I believe Kappa built 5 of the 26" Torker Tributes. They also built some 20" Tributes.

Admin --> I put this under K-26 for the model.  Not sure if you want to create a new model for this.  Technically it is not a K-26 as it is a twin top tube.  However, I believe GAry's chrome 26" is under K-26 as well...

When I started collecting Kappa stuff, this was at the top of my wanted list.  I have always liked Torkers and I saw how a couple of the previous owners had it built before they sold it and decided I would really like to own one of these.  Finding the new owner was easy. Convincing him to sell it, took a little time.  He had different forks with it so I had to track down some Kappa 26" Forks.  It took me well over a year for me to get everything purchased and then build it.

Frame & Fork: Kappa 26" Torker Tribute
Handlebars: Immortis Faust Bars - These are hard to find!
Grips: Odi
Stem: ESP
Headset: Bullseye
Seat Post: Crupi
Seat Clamp: Kappa 
Rims: Hole Shot
Hubs: Bullseye
Brake Lever: Bullseye
Brakes: Bombshell
Seat: SDG
Pedals: Bullseye Pro Rounds
Cranks: White Industries
Sprocket: White Industries
Bottom Bracket: Answer Slider Euro (Awesome Euro Bottom Bracket without using spacers)
Freewheel: White Industries

  • Race
  • Company: Kappa
  • Model: K-26
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Headtube size: 1"