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2003 Kappa K-26 Mongoose Tribute

2003 Kappa K-26 Mongoose Tribute

The Gray Goose

When I saw "The Gray Goose" on this site, I decided I wanted to own that bike. I put on my detective hat to track down the owner. The member on here had sold it so I had some work to do. Through my research, I found out several people had owned The Gray Goose and it had traveled the world! However, it appears I had ran into a dead end as at some point the trail went dead in Europe. One night a member on here texts me to tell me that someone he just bought two Kappas from had a gusseted 26" Kappa for sale. I started texting with the guy. He sent me pics of a 26" Kappa Mongoose Tribute complete bike. The frame was Raw with decals, looked a little rough. We worked out a deal, figuring I would build my own gray goose. When the bike arrived, I messaged one of the prior owners on Facebook. He asked for the serial #. When I told him what it was, his response was "That's the gray goose!" I had found the original gray goose without even knowing it. Frame: 2003 Kappa K-26 Mongoose Tribute Fork: Kappa Bars: Kappa Stem: Profile Grips: Mongoose OG Grips Seat Post clamp: Profile Seat: Retro BMX Crank: Profile Elite Bottom Bracket: Profile Euro External Spider: Profile Chainwheel: Rennen Chain: Izumi Freewheel: White Industries Pedals: Bullseye Rims: Ukai Hubs: Bullseye Tires: Kenda Kranium 2.1 Brake: Paul Brake lever: Paul Brake Cable: Odyssey Slick Cable Seatpost: Thomson Other: Willinois Kappa Dice/Bullseye Dropout Savers

  • Race
  • Company: Kappa
  • Model: K-26
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"