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Jupiter (1966–1979)

Jupiter was a popular finnish moped and bicycle brand which also had an important role in the national finnish folklore with a saying, "grandma's old Jupiter" which emphasizes the fact that there's a good chance regardless of person's age, one owned a Jupiter at some point in their life.

Jupiter used frames made in norway by Jonas Öglaend Co. and imported them to Finland for assembly into a complete bike. Originally the assembly took place in Helsinki but in 1960 the facilities were moved to Messukylä, near the finnish city of Tampere at S.O.K. (Finnish co-op trading group) assembling facilites. The last batch of Jupiter bikes left the S.O.K. assembly line in 1984 ending the story of popular finnish bicycle brand.

In 2007 Jupiter bikes were resurrected with a new line of affordable children and youth bikes with retro-style looks aimed for the average super market customer. However (and this is just my personal opinion) they are nothing like the original bikes from the 60's and 70's. The only thing that really connects the new Jupiter with the old Jupiter is the name.

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