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JNA (1981–2008)

Recent email:

My name is Adrian,the A on JNA (which stands for Junior (my brother), Nelson (partner) and Adrian, myself). The name was based on Greg Hill idea of calling his factory GHP. The factory started in 1981, when myself and my brother meet Nelson, and together we decided to start our own bicycle factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At that time, it was very difficult and expensive to have American made bikes, so we decided to build our own. The first bike was built with stove pipes and scrapes from old Monark and Caloi bikes (Brazilian Factories in Brazil). Soon we start a little production line, but completly based on bikes made specifically for each buyer. We become the best bikes produced in Brazil (quality wise), and the first to utilize the TIG welding system and CR-Mol for frame production. All other Brazilian factories had their frames welded with MIG welding system. We also had a spounsered team, that won many National Titles. My brother won the Regional Nationship and I won one National Cup race. Our partner was one the first bringing freestyle to Brazil, and also won many titles. We always believed that you can just build something, if you do not know how to ride it all the way. We latter developed MTB and Road bikes, and even repaired one of the frames that our Brazilian racers took to the Olympics in 1988 (Calgary). Many stories to tell......Back in 1991, I (the last partner left) sold the factory that continue producing bikes (not the same quality in my point of view) until about 3 years ago, when they went under. Today, my brother still living in Sorocaba, Brazil and is racing MTB and 24" BMX. Nelson is living in Brazil still, last time I heard working some odd jobs, nothing specific. I come to the U.S in 1993 and still here today. After all this time, I am returning to the origins, and the JNA USA is coming soon. I already bought a new welding machine, supplies, and just need a JIG now. My plan is to start building bikes the same old fashion way. I will take you measurements, we chat, and both work on the geometry, design, color, etc. I can do any type of frame, CR-Moly, even Titaniun (BMX, MTB, Road) and carbon fiber (MTB, ROAD). I can also do any type of repairs, welding, refinishing old bikes, painting, stripping, anything. I can even change tubes and reweld the old frames, just like new ones. I have 15 years of experience on the bussiness, and already did some major jobs.I do it for fun, I already have a job as an Critical Care Nurse, and bikes are my hobby. Just my wife that complains that I spent too much time in the shop. I will add pictures of the last two JNA (one MTB, one Road) bikes I personally welded before selling the factory. I still have both hanging in my shop. If anybody wants to contact me feel free to e-mail me at
Thanks for the opportunity to inform you all what JNA is about it.

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