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1980 JMC Racing Long Standard

1980 JMC Racing Long Standard

(Traded in 1980) When I bought this they told me it was the same as a Black Shadow. I thought they were full of it, since it wasn't black, but it was their last JMC, so I took it.

Bought this after I sold my fave Torker. (Black and yellow color scheme reflects the Torker thing.) Wanted a Black Shadow with fork, but the shop was sold out. Decided I'd get this and pick up a fork later when they got more in. Loved the bike, but wanted the black one with fork, so I traded it to a kid for a Fuji Feather, which at the time, cost a lot more at retail. It was a bad trade and I never got another JMC. Kid I traded to broke it in several places a couple of weeks later.

JMC Long Standard frame

Tange Fork (meant to be a temp., shop was out of forks)

Race Inc. alloy bars

Oakley 2 grips

Torker stem

Tange headset

Shimano Tourney brakes/DiaCompe bent lever

Xcaliber seat clamp

Fluted Alloy seatpost

Cycle Pro Shotgun saddle

Sugino Super Maxy 3-piece Cranks

Araya 7X rims, Shimano cassette hubs, front drilled in the center for oil with Campy clip

Cheng Shin front tire/Mitsuboshi Comp II 20x1.75 rear tire

KKT Lightning pedals

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