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1981 JMC Racing Mini Justin Roos

1981 JMC Racing Mini Justin Roos

Justin Roos' personal race frame.

’81 JMC Justin Roos Mini (JR1) Prototype Frame

JMC Mini Fork (w/ Modified Drop outs)

O.M.A.S. SuperLight (Alloy) Headset

Fabricated Aluminum Headset Spacer / Lock

Harbor-Lite Mini Stem w/ O.M.A.S. (Alloy) Stem Bolt

1st Gen. VDC Mini Bars

Grab-On MX2 Grips

Cut-down MCS Hot Plate w/ CAM #2 (Hand lettered w/ One Shot Lettering Enamel)

Jammin’ Jimmy Weinert Handlebar Pad (My homage to the first JMC ever made)

Cal-Cycle Aftermarket Compression Lever

C.L.B. Duralinox (Aluminum) Brake Cable Housing

Dia-Compe 500G Brake Caliper (Modified) w/ O.M.A.S. Brake Pivot Bolt and ‘cut down’ Brake Pads

UNI ‘Standard’ Seat (Modified)

Redline Prototype (Aluminum) Mini Seat Clamp w/ Titanium Bolts

O.M.A.S. B.P.P. (Alloy) Bottom Bracket w/ Titanium Spindle & Crank Bolts

Modified 162.5MM TA Cranks w/ 39T TA Chainring and Bolts

Sedis 4L Special BMX 1/2” x 1/8” Chain

Weyless Pedals w/ Homemade Aluminum Pedal Cages

NISI Serrated Sew-up Rims w/ (Red) Painted Spokes laced to Shimano MX Hubs

Clement Grifo Neve (Rear) Sew-up Tire

Cycle-Pro Snakebelly (Front) Sew-up Tire


(Note: Besides the number plate, seat and headset spacer, all fabricated / modified items were performed ‘back in the day’.)


Submitted by dubplatestyle

  • Race
  • Company: JMC Racing
  • Model: Mini
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"