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1979 JMC Racing Short Standard

1979 JMC Racing Short Standard

My Holy Grail that I bought to sell but falling in love with this beauty and might restore with all NOS. Let me see Wife or Bike? Any Suggestions?

Found this bike while I was garage sailing. It wasn't in the actual sale but it was sitting next to a tree spray bombed in black. At first glance I thought I found a Ripper but to my surprise the man was the original owner and purchased this in 1979 for nearly $500.00. Lots of bones for those days considering my Schwinn Varsity was under $100.00 in the same year. This could actually be an 80 model since it was purchased so late in 1979, not sure when no 674 was produced or how many they produced each year. The owner told me he painted it over 10 times and at this point the JMC monogram on the top tube and serial number was no longer visible so I wasn't positive I had a JMC. He told me it wasn't for sale but offered him $400.00 and a 1996 Mongoose expert for his son to ride since I was taking his bike from him, I started this game at $50.00. I had no choice but to have it stripped and re powdered and I new at this time I was going the best painting guy in these parts. When I got it back I was floored on how perfect this frame was under all the old crusty paint from him and the final black spray bomb from the kid. The bike had all the original components that he purchased at the time and I sold most of them to purchase all the same parts NOS. The bike had gold Araya 7c's with Suzue wide hubs, Suntour seat post clamp, Race Inc Bars Tuff-Neck 2000 stem, Kashimax seat, unknown aluminum grooved seat post, Dia-Compe MX-900 rear brake only, Takagi MX Cranks with Sugino BMX 43 sprocket with stamped Mongoose Bottom Bracket and headset. I will be looking soon for all these parts in NOS condition. If you have any of these parts please let me know and then I will let you know if I can afford it at the time. I also have other bikes and frames I will trade for parts. NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO FIND ONE OF THESE CALIFORNIA BEAUTIES IN THE GOOD OLD CHEESE STATE OF WISCONSIN. The fork decals may be a bit to big but that was all I could find for the moment. I need a headbadge decal also. The white spots are all camera glares, there is no damage to the frame or paint. 

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