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1978 JMC Racing Short Standard

1978 JMC Racing Short Standard

Early JMC short frame

JMC527 Lives...!

I bought this JMC frame and forks used at the Azusa swap meet in the early 1980's.

I built the bike from parts I had laying around or on other frames.  Yes that is a piece of tape holding my rear brake cable to the frame, ha...  I honestly found it worked best.

The allen wrench on the seat post clamp was there for a reason.  I lowered the seat before any down hill run, and then raised it back up for normal riding.  Easy to do with an allen wrench in your tool bag or pocket.

I used to run a larger tire in front, so my rear tire would break away easier than the front tire. This was for down hill runs on the fire trails that are now part of the Claremont Wilderness Park. This land used to be private property of Pomona College, and we used it as our backyard. We had to earn our run down the fire trails though, and we would sometimes spend an hour or more hiking up the front side of the Claraboya neighborhood in Claremont, just for 5 or 10 minutes of fun, racing downhill. Riding the slide, with the rear tire washing out a little around the corners. Other than that, we rode locally for fun in reservoirs, the wash area between Upland and Claremont, and near the 14' half pipe where skate boarding the half pipe originated in the mid 1970's (Mt. San Antonio Dam overflow pipe, still there today).

I used this bike for a few years in the early to mid 80's, and it has then spent the last 30 years in the attic, untouched as it was.
I did recently peel off the grips with a razor, since they had turned to goo.

The frame is partially black spray painted, and was originally white.  I was getting ready to paint it all black (in the early 80's), but I got distracted by motorcycles, parties, and whatever else at the time.

This bike saw open space with citrus trees, kids with bb guns, and a more relaxed atmosphere, with no cell phones or communication, other than word of mouth and a BMX bike.

I believe this is a 1978 frame, since it has the eliptical shaped bottom bracket brace, and an early enough number serial number JMC527.

I did not get a chance to get a certificate before Mr. Meltons passing, so I would be real curious to see what Jim Melton Cyclery (JMC) records show.

update: Feb 2015

I recently traded information with a guy who has a JMC short standard in the six forty something range.  His shipped date (from a JMC certificate) was June of 79'.

So my short standard frame being over 100 earlier at JMC 527 is likely shipped in the earlier part of 79'.  I will get a certificate when they reopen the JMC BMX site.

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