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1983 JMC Racing Shadow

1983 JMC Racing Shadow

latest project. this is my favorite bike. finally done, took forever to get some jmc forks and a small fortune but, it was worth it to me. i have a new chrome chain but i'm afraid if i put it on i'll

found this on cl in oregon. i live in mississippi and asked the guy if he would ship it. he said he would but had never sold anything over the internet. i got him to open up a paypal account and sent him the money. a couple of weeks go buy and i get nervous and email him and get no reply. i put in a complaint and nothing no reply. so i figure i got burned, but then i get a phone call from his mom and she sends me the bike. the only thing kept from the way i got it is the frame and cranks. i put new bottom bracket and hop up kit for the cranks. i had to buy a whole other bike just to get some jmc forks. araya rims with suzue hubs are survivors and in really good shape. nos comp III tires with rainbow colored logos. huge gt pro bars, the rare super tall ones. nos dk neck. nos 1983 stamped dia compe mx 1000 brakes with nos terry cable. the rest of the parts are nos but nothing really special, and of course pads and stickers from the man himself Jim Melton. the pictures do it no justice.

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