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1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

1984 JMC Darrell Young (Owned 2002-2017)

Super straight and clean chrome DY frame, with JMC standard bars, and earlier JMC bladed forks. The frame is a nice original with new decals, the bars were rechromed at some point, and the forks were NOS in the bag. JMC was always my favorite bike company, but I rarely saw any other than in magazines. I'd wanted one since I started racing in 1981, but never got the chance as a kid. I looked hard to find one after the company went under in '85 (and I had just snapped my Race Inc in half), but I couldn't track one down where I lived. (I ended up buying a used, early Hutch Pro Racer with bullseye hubs, maxy cross cranks, etc that I later sold sometime in the 90's for $45! I kick myself regularly for that. I used to see that old Hutch locked up on the CU-Boulder campus all the time and I always regretted selling it). Thanks to the magic of the internet, I had no trouble finding a JMC when I started getting interested in vintage BMX in 2002. This was the first bike I built (I now have 3 JMCs and a few other early BMXers), and it would have made my jaw drop back in the day. Luckily when I built it, the collector craze hadn't quite hit yet and I was able to put it together fairly inexpensively. The Crupi pedals are in lieu of the Hutchs that were already ridiculously pricey by 2002. I thought the Uni seat was red when I bought it on ebay, but I've grown to like the orange and have a soft spot for bike builds that don't completely match. This bike is my baby, but it rarely gets ridden, as it's almost too nice.

  • Race
  • Company: JMC Racing
  • Model: Darrell Young
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Hey, I know what you mean, I dont ride my DY eaither..