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1979 JMC Racing Long Stardard

1979 JMC Racing Long Stardard

late-1979 JMC Long

This one is (was) a rider. I picked up the frame on ebay in November 2006 for a whopping $76. The description said it needed major reworking as it had been rewelded several times, the headtube flared, a hole drilled in the seattube, and the serial number mostly ground off. But when it arrived, it really wasn't in any worse shape than most of the old bikes my friends and I raced and thrashed as kids. It certainly wasn't a showbike candidate, but that was perfect because I wanted something I could ride. I built it up without repairing anything, and it rides like a million bucks. It had an awful, probably 20 year old spray can paint job on it, likely received after the last reweld. So, keeping with the low buck rider theme, I gave it a new spray can job with some nice metalflake blue auto touch up paint. It looks reasonably good, even close up, and the color is fairly close to the original JMC candy blue - it's GM Ocean Blue. I added some extra decals I had left over from my JMC cruiser build. I kinda like using the 1982 IBMXF sticker on the headtube - it just looks extra vintage. The parts are a bunch of old, but nothing special, bits I had laying around. I love that none of the parts really match, as that's the way most of my bikes looked as a kid after a few years of trading parts and wearing things out. This is probably the only JMC I'll never be afraid to ride, and it goes to the coffee shop and around town on a regular basis. Total investment is less than $150.

2010 update - I finally gave in to temptation and had this frame restored. I bought a genuine NOS JMC headtube from the leftover parts that appeared in Arizona last year. I had a local framebuilder replace the headtube, reweld the seatstays, fill in the hole on the seat tube, and then had the whole thing repainted with liquid paint in a blingy candy red. The serial number reappeared when the frame was blasted, and Jim confirmed that it shipped in October 1979 in red paint. I miss the blue paint, but thought I should do it right. I swapped the 1980 chrome JMC forks and 1983ish JMC Pro bars over from my DY.

Submitted by denver jim

  • Race
  • Company: JMC Racing
  • Model: Long Standard
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Cool story, glad to see a vintage bike back on the streets

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