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1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

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This is the frame that I drooled over in the bike shop for months BITD. Well, my friend managed to scrape together the money before I did, so he bought it instead of me. Since he had the JMC, I had to find another bike (no way could we have the same bike!), so I went for a Thruster "timmy judge replica". Anyway, flash forward about 20 yrs, we are still friends (well, I kind of have to be because I maried his sister), anyway...I went down to his basement one day and was shocked by what I seen. There was the JMC frame hanging in a corner, pretty beat up, but still.....there it was. He could abviously see my astonishment, laughed a little, and said, "you still want it, dont you?" After I takled him and gave him a noogie, he called uncle and agreed that it should have been mine in the first place and agreed to give it over to me. Well, this is the product of my build of that dream I had all those years ago. Pretty much exactly how I had it planned back then (not that I could have ever afforded most of the parts on this bike when I was 13, but it's how I dreamed it).

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