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1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

1979 JMC Racing Long Standard


Back in late 2007, Jon (oldskoolpk) picked up a battered old JMC frame. When he decided shortly thereafter to offer it up for grabs, I was quickly on top of it. We made a trade and I took possession of the frame. It was rough! Seat tube cut off, large dings, dropouts needed work, etc.


My thinking was: this is finally a way I can get a JMC in my collection. I can buy a ‘beater’ and have it repaired and refinished. That is something I can definitely afford! Needless to say it still costs a lot to bring a frame on life support back to health. So, the frame was sent off to Tim (seracingman) for repair work. My request was to keep all the original tubing with the obvious exception of having a new seat tube added. I want to thank Tim for all his hard work.


While Tim was making the repairs, I was fortunate enough to get a set of early JMC forks. When I purchased them, they had already been refinished. This made them a perfect candidate to pair-up with the repaired frame – which now needed to be refinished. Simple, classic candy red was applied to match the original finish. After tracking down the very last bits and pieces - some of which were much more difficult to locate than I had imagined - it was time for assembly and decals from Mr. Melton. I wanted to use a healthy amount of road bike componentry to pay homage to Mr. Meltons preference for his factory riders of the day. I am very happy with the resulting look.


Here is the parts breakdown:

JMC Long Standard frame JMC forks Shimano Dura Ace alloy road headset Redline V Bars (pre-stamp) Rectangle plate with Hunt Wilde and JMC decals Tuf Neck (pre-stamp, original decal) Oury grips Dia-Compe prebent lever Weinmann Vainqueur 750 center pull caliper Brake cable held in place with Sturmey Archer 3-speed cable stop ‘modified’ to fit, Weinmann straddle cable, and Weinmann yoke Dia-Compe MX seat clamp Fluted seat post Cinnelli Unicanitator saddle Shimano Dura Ace 175mm cranks Regina BX 3/32” road chain Shimano freewheel MKS rat trap pedals Bullseye bottom bracket C & G Super Pro rims Early Dura Ace Road hubs w/ track axles Carlisle Aggressor 20x2.125 front Snakebelly 20x1.75 rear