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1985 JMC Racing Darrell Young

1985 JMC Racing Darrell Young

Original DY owner, happy to have brought it back to life. Hope you enjoy!

This DY is my 3rd and favorite (Thruster/Profile) bike of my BMX racing career in NJ. I am the original owner. Fortunately for me, my parents have kept it all of these years in their basement, and I needed a COVID-19 project (TY M&D!). The frame, forks, DY bars and Redline cranks were in pretty good shape with only minor rust, the hubs/spokes were in the worst shape. Much of what you see is original, including: Redline Flight 401 175mm cranks and 46T sprocket, Suntour 16T freewheel, Pro Class Hard Anno rims only needed some cleaning and new rim strips (I still have the original strips but they were pretty beat up), rebuilt wheels with OG Suzue low flange hubs from my other wheel set, DK square stem, Shimano DX pedals, Dia Comp MX 1000 brakes, MX brake lever and cable, D.i.D chain, circle JMC seat tube sticker and JMC Racing handlebar sticker are original with the head tube crest and DYD downtube stickers being NOS.  Various OG number plates from back in the day, including 2 from CJBMX Ironman Classics in the early 80’s. I will be replacing the current “new” parts with NOS as I go. 

I have always assumed the forks were also DY, until I began research for the resto project and to my surprise realized they were not. I have tried to ID them believing they are a different JMC model fork and having posted pics in the “Name it” forum, but without any luck. 

Submitted by Steve258

  • Race
  • Company: JMC Racing
  • Model: Darrell Young
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Forks: Unknown JMC model Fork decals: JMC Racing Red (new) Handlebars: Darrell Young (OG - no knurling) Stem: DK Square (OG) Brakes: Dia Comp MX1000 (OG) Grips: ODI Mushroom (NOS Tommy Brackens Model) Grip Donuts: Flight (new) Pedals: Shimano DX (OG) Chain: D.i.D (OG) Cranks: Redline Flight 401 Seat: Kashimax Aero (new) Seat Post: laidback (new) Tires: Tioga Comp III Yellow label (re-issue ) Stand: JMC Racing (new - repop) signed by DY Pads: JMC Racing (2nd Gen. new)