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1985 Jamis Laser Fast Times

1985 Jamis Laser Fast Times

The mystery freestyler

Hello everyone. 

Here is a frame I picked up a while back - an '85 Jamis Laser Fast Times.

These things are a bit of a mystery to me to be honest.   Aside from a couple of '85's in the museum,  there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information about them.  What colours did they come in? What parts did they come with? What did an original complete bike look like?

I bought it purely because I liked the look of it.   It's clearly been painted (not the greatest job on earth,  but also not the worst...... aside from the fact that whoever did it didn't bother to remove the BB or head tube cups,  and painted them too!).  It is,  however,  in fantastic condition. Strangely, it lacks a brace between the chain stays,  which others seem to have.

I don't have the correct forks for it,  so for the photos I have it sitting on a set of Redline tapered forks. The seat post I had sitting around, and the head tube badge is only there because I like it! 

Not sure if I'll ever build it up, but as it stands it's still an interesting piece of BMX history  which i thought I'd share.  


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