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Jalapeno (1994–2008)

Another recent email: Actually Jalapeno was a cooperative project between Frank and me.(Pat Blackburn)  We started in 1994 and made our last cooperative bike in 2001 shortly after Frank left Spooky Cycles.  We made approximately 200 frames in all different sizes.  One of our early claims to fame was that we made fully functional kid's cruisers.  These were spot on race bikes with race geometry.  At the time  (1996-97) that was pretty rare.  Since Frank and I both had small boys about then there were some very small Jalapenos (16 1/8" top tubes)  One of these still exists.  Frank made it for his son Matthew.  I can probably get a picture of that one also.  Melissa Buhl, who is the current US Champion in downhill, slalom and mountain cross rode for us and helped Jalapeno to get reckognized early.  Our bikes have won tons of big races and one of our biggest fans at the time was Don Crupi.  John Kovachi is a good friend. I'll take some pictures and get them to you.  I still run the Jalapeno BMX team here in Arizona.  I haven't done any bikes for a while but I still have plans and am able to build new bikes if someone has the desire to own a new Jalapeno.

My name is Pat Blackburn.  Frank Wadeltom started Jalapeno in 1994 so that Frank could apply some of the frame building technology he was using in mountain bike building to BMX and so that I would have the best frames available for my BMX team SPACE AVAILABLE.  If there is anything that you need to know about the history of the company, I would be glad to answer your questions.  We were very innovative and actually had a large impact on the market even though we were just a small company.  I still have some frames.  3 Easton frames and one 6061 frame.  I also have stickers.

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