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1982 Jag 24

1982 Jag 24

BMX 1982 “24 INCH” JAG (LOOPTAIL) one of two ever made.

AD when bike was purchased:BMX 1982 “24 INCH” JAG (LOOPTAIL) one of two ever made..Vvvvhhttff. Rare … Bmx. Had this bike fornyears and was told only two made in 1982 with looptail and reeny roaker has the other, they stopped the production and decided to go to the stick frame style at the rear dropouts.. has (minty condition) araya wheels with no brake scuffs , sunshine hubs (mint) redline single pinch 185mm oldschool 3 piece cranks,tuffneck 2piece sprocket,tuffneck stem, sunshine seatpost clamp. Seat tube not rewelded or cracked..tange fluted seat post, elina padded seat no rips, the frame and forks are og jag matching set.. did buy repop decals the old ones got bad condition has full set of og pads but frame pad isnt in best condition its faded compared to handlebar pad and neck pad. og oakley grips og diacompe brakes .headset cant remember who made it its vintage and unique..tiers and tubes have been replaced sometime in last 10 years.. bars are vintage g.t. one of two looptail 24 in jags made.. last pic is a forum with people looking to find this bike… was shown in bmx magazine in 1982… no time waster questions more pics to serious only buyers…price is firm its a holy grail bike and especially in 24 and looptail one of two only made ever..have a 20 in jag looptail and welds dropouts frame material are all identical.( i grew up next door to “sell all his stuff”) or earls collectiion in bellevue nebraska in the 80s and 90s… ( biggest bmx collection in history).

Current Components:

Mongoose KOS bars
OG Oakley F1 grips
Tuff neck stem
Araya wheels
Sunshine hubs
Excalibur pedals
Izumi chain
Kool pad brakes
Redline single pinch cranks
Redline Bubble font sprocket
Elina Super Pro leather saddle
Diacompe brakes
Mitsuboshi Competition III tires (Fat/Skinny setup)

Submitted by Dllbmx

  • Race
  • Company: Jag BMX
  • Model: 24
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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