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1997 JAD Sherman

1997 JAD Sherman

"Street Style"

This JAD I picked up off my boy Brian in L.A.  It is a JAD Sherman, but not the flatland style like the yellow one in the museum. Mike "JAD" confirmed this for me. This one does not have the extended seatstays that go past the seat mast to form a standing platform, and it has an elyptical shaped downtube. It also has two cable guides by the seat mast to run cables for 990s. I was lucky enough to receive a NOS Tech77 lever that was made to run 2 cables from it that fits this bike perfectly, as a birthday gift from my bike mechanic once he saw this frame. 

It also came with JAD cranks, JAD forks that only accept bolt-in style hubs, and JAD flatland bars that have pierced tubing and where the grips go, the tubing is sleeved to go from thick to thin.

A rare JAD score to say the least....

Submitted by ronoc101

  • Race
  • Company: JAD
  • Model: Sherman
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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