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1984 Ishibashi

1984 Ishibashi

1984 ISHIBASHI BMX with SR Parts

Traded my Kuwahara KZ1 frame and fork for this Ishibashi frame and fork with a local collector (Borneo4130).The rest of the parts are from all over the world.Build this bike up with mainly SR Gold Parts.Briefly they are :

(1)  Handlebar         - SR Used from Twesnik Holland
(2)  Grips                 - OGK NOS from Uncle Lim Malaysia
(3)  Headset             - NECO NEW from PorkChopBmx USA
(4)  Brake Levers    - SHIMANO DX NOS from 2xtional Ebay USA
(5)  Brake Cables    - SHIMANO NOS from Radpad Australia
(6)  Brake Calipers  - SHIMANO TOURNEY NOS from Radpad Australia
(7)  Tires                 -  TIOGA Competition III NOS from Mantronix7 Thailand
(8)  Rims                 - UKAI SPEEDLINE NOS from Devilfrankie Malaysia
(9)  Hubs                 - SR NOS from Devilfrankie Malaysia
(10)Bottom Bracket -YMT YAMAMOTO INDUSTRIES CO.LTD JAPAN NOS from a local bike shop
(11)Cranks               - SR AEROX M NOS from Cuckoo Malaysia
(12)Chainring          - SR 44T NOS from Cuckoo Malaysia
(13)Chainring Nuts - SR NOS from Cuckoo Malaysia
(14)Freewheel         - SUNTOUR 16T NOS from Ebay UK
(15)Chain                - IZUMI NEW from Natsukashi BMX Japan
(16)Seat Post           - SR Laprade NOS from Yasser Suritman Singapore
(17)Seat Post Clamp-SR NOS from Rhino174 BMX Museum USA
(18)Seat                    -KASHIMAX NEW from Natsukashi BMX Japan
(19)Pedals                - SR NOS from Nikkyp Australia
(20)Padset                - ISHIBASHI special made from Scott Randle Australia
(21)Stem                  - SR AEROX M NOS from Kenomake$ Ebay Taiwan

Happy Viewing.

Submitted by arokoi888

  • All-Around
  • Company: Ishibashi
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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