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Info on the Nike exhibition here:

The complete Nike 6.0 Lightning Bolts Art Exhibit, featuring unique works from over 45 artists, is being auctioned off online with all proceeds benefiting Athlete Recovery Fund. All original works of art are currently for sale and accepting bids at

"Athlete Recovery Fund is honored to be associated with such a rad show like Lightning Bolts. Nike 6.0 has been one of the founding partners in supporting ARF and their support has allowed ARF to assist several athletes with financial burdens generated after a major injury. ARF would like to thank Nike 6.0 and all the artists who participated in the Lightning Bolts show. Now go on line and bid on your favorite art!" Aaron Cooke, founder of ARF.

The Lightning Bolts Art Show is currently on display in its entirety for the first and last time at the historic Montalbán Theater in Hollywood through Dec. 14th. Three hundred guests, including Godfather of Freestyle Bob Haro and 6.0 BMX rider Nigel Sylvester, celebrated the opening reception on Weds. Dec 10th, placing bids on coveted artwork onsite and celebrating BMX with a special screening of Writing on the Wall, a BMX film by Nike 6.0. The online auction will be staggered with items ending each weekday beginning Dec. 11th and ending Dec. 17th.

Lightning Bolts is a BMX-inspired exhibit created around the historic introduction of BMX as an Olympic sport. Nike 6.0 teamed up with BMX Hall of Famer, Bob Haro, recreating his iconic number plate as a blank canvas. A select group of contemporary artists, each sharing a cultural connection to BMX, were invited to partake.

Continuing the spirit of Lightning Bolts, contributing artist Harrison Boyce, will be teaching kids about the art of stenciling and the creative inspiration behind BMX number plates as part of Nike's MAKE SOMETHING workshop series. This Saturday, Dec. 13th Harrison, of, will be bringing the world of art to approx 15 teenagers from Stoked Mentoring, a non-profit organization that combines action sports and mentoring to teach life skills to at-risk youth in New York and Los Angeles.

Celebrate the spirit of art and support the BMX Community and ARF. To view or place a bid on original art from the Lightning Bolts Exhibit visit

Contributing Artists include:
Adam Haynes, Andrew Lee, Andrew Pommier, Andy Jenkins, Blaine Fontana, Bob Haro, Chris Hargrave, Chris Reed, Cody Hudson, Dave Ortiz, Don Pendelton, Gork Barrette, Greg Higgins, Harrison Boyce, Jeff Tremaine, Jim Bauer, Judson Bryan, Kevin Wilkins, Klaus Dyba, Lee Basford, Leigh Ramsdall, Mark Lewman, Mike Metzger, Mike Sutfin, Nick Phillip, Norman Chuck, Pete Demos, Rich Hansen, Ronnie Bonner, Scott Towne, Sean Hargraves, Taj Mihelich, TETSU, Tim March, Todd Bratrud, Tofer and Travis Collier.

Nike 6.0 is a multi-action sports brand supporting the next generation. Our mission is simple: Instigate, inspire and elevate the next generation. The barriers that once existed between action sports have been reduced by those who skate, surf, and ride with equal and inclusive passion. 6.0 is dedicated to this new crop of athletes through our multi-sport team, innovative product, and events. From the streets to the surf, from the dirt to the park, Nike 6.0 symbolizes the creativity and progression inherent in the DNA of action sports.

Mission: To provide professional athletes in BMX, FMX and Skate Boarding with financial support after a severe injury and granting funds for rehabilitation, equipment,long-term disability and educational scholarships.