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recent info on magnesium as frame material
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I wanted to correct you about your statements regarding magnesium frames. In fact many companies are and have produced bikes using magnesium alloys (ranging from 89% to 96.8% magnesium).
Among these are Alubin, Segal, Paketa, Zinn, Litech, Loadstar, Salt. Most of these bikes were made of AZ61 alloy which in case you don;t know is Aluminum 6%, Zinc 1% manganese 0.3% and nearly all the balance is Magnesium (impurities only ranging up to less than .1%) While other bikes have been made of ZM21 which is Zinc 2%, Manganese .7%, balance (less imputiries) is magnesium. All of these are wrought alloys and are only two of some 70 wrought magnesium alloys recognized by international standards. Reynolds produced MZM tubing which was ZM21 while the russians and or Timminco produced most of the other tubes used by these companies, these others alloys as mentioned before where primarily AZ61 while Russian bikes were made of something designated MA2-1 which would be classified as AZ41 in ASTM standards.

Josh Deetz.

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