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Here is some info I got from a recent email:

hi guys,
 Being that The Morales frame is my second favorite flat frame of all time,and that I still ride it,Ihave some info about the company itself.Morales bikes was created by Bob Morales(of AFA and Kore Designs fame)and its first product was the Morales flatland specific frame which came out in early 1994,on the march issue of ride magazine(I'll scan it and post it up this week).The frame featured the stiffest rear end I've ever ridden(boosted my back wheel rolling tricks more than 90 percent),a pretty mellow(73.5) head tube angle(akin to the Original Dyno Compe II,another one of Bob's brainchildren),twin top tubes,31.4 mm seat tube which welded directly onto the twin top  tubes(to eliminate the cracks on haros and generals),990's mounted on the underside of the seatstays,(a winner!),and tightly cropped and out-of-the-way chainstays.This came as a frame only,with the Kore zero offset fork accompanying it a year later).the frame became an instant hit due to its attention to detail,durability(the first one I rode has more than 10 years of hard riding on it and is still being ridden),tough as nails dropouts(a common problem those days),and the endorsement of gurus jesse puente,edgar placencia and richard zabzdyr(r.i.p),all mebers of avant-garde flatland posse "The Flatland Fugitives".Morales later introduced the BTS frame for street(late 1996),which had a very attractive design,and was also unbreakable.The company folded in 1999,with the remaining lot bought by Dan's Competitition,and sold as "Poverty Frames" at a fraction of the std. $220 dollars price,thus starting the now popular poverty brand.these poverty frames were the second model(1996) of Morales flatland,endorsed by philosopher Chase Gouin,with a 74 head angle,fatter top tubes,thicker chainstays and raw finish.The BTS was also offered under these specifications too.I still haven't seen a broken Morales frame.their design inspired many durable trends in flatland frame design,that endure to this day(see KGB Psychopower frame head and seat tube angles and fork design).Bob continues to manufacture Kore products for MTB's and has no King of the skateparks contests in project anytime soon.(psyche).

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