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There are two Hypers. The first Hyper had Greg Grubbs riding for them. They had Red, White and Black uniforms.  The rider in one of the adds (Billy Farrell I think) dad started it. The second Hyper started around 1990 by Clay Goldsmid and Erick Weinstetter. The first prototype was featured in BMX Plus! with both owners standing with their pride and joy. Hyper started out making a small batch of two piece frames, the HPR-20. Then the long lasting Metro. Then the Boxster. Erick left the company in 1994. Hyper riders from the early years included (besides Clay and Erick) Billy Harrison (he rode for Privateer/Peddlepower also, he was a U local and Pro), Rob Dolecki and Ron Lesnak, two fast AMs out of New Jersey. Then Eric Carter and Brian Foster. In 1993 Eric Carter won the NBL National #1 Pro plate, riding a stock Metro frame.
Original Hyper (NJ) uniforms 1992 where white with purple and green  team colors and AXO Racing co-sponsor. 1993 same colors but now JT Racing sponsored the team. 1994 new team colors of Hot pink and yellow. With JT Racing still sponsoring the team.
The first Hyper was in New York and the second Hyper out of New Jersey.

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