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After more than two years to develop, here are our new cranks. The most peculiar detail is that they look like a two piece crank but they are actually three piece.
The axle is designed with one bolt to tighten both arms. You just have to slide the arm that has no bolt into the axle, mount it on the BB and then mount the other arm like a regular crank. It's is internally machined with the material were you really need it.
The arms have a plate on the inside that prevents bending. With the plate, we are able to use a slightly thinner tube, so they are very light. The tube that holds the axle is made of one piece with a plate that connects the sprocket bolt to make it almost impossible to separate from the arm.
The bolt that you see is not the final one. It's just a no-name bolt. We'll show you the final bolt ASAP.
The total weight of the crank set will be around 760 gr. (1.67 lb.), which is very low, considering the strength they have.
We want to give them some more time in testing, so we are not sure when they will be available. I think that they will be in the shops in March.

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