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Many people do not know the differences in the various versions of REDLINE Flight cranks.I will try to provide a basic tutorial covering this topic.I will be adding some detailed pics very soon to help in identifying the many versions listed below.

First off let's start with the original REDLINE Flight cranks.These can be identified by having a six splined spindle and no pinch bolts.These were made available to the public in 1980 and are known as "FLIGHT CRANKS" they are somewhat scarce(compared to other Flight crank versions) and used a threaded (28T) spindle.REDLINE did list the part number for these as 401 but did not advertise them as such in any known advertisements or catalogs.

Around 1981 REDLINE 401 and in 1982 the 400 Flight cranks were introduced.

The 400 Series (sometimes mistaken for the original FLIGHT cranks) were a budget version of the Flight crank introduced in 1982 and had a fixed spider,no pinch bolts and accepted a square tapered spindle (larger than a standard size spindle also fit DB TURBO and SUGINO 400 cranks).They also came with a threaded sealed bottom bracket set.The cranks were made for REDLINE by SUGINO.

The 401 Series accepted a six splined spindle had full wrap around pedal bosses and wrap around pinch bolt bosses.Introduced in 1981 these are very similar to the original FLIGHT cranks accept that they do have pinch bolts.

In the very late 1980's or early 1990's REDLINE changed the design and these cranks were known as simply FLIGHT cranks again (not 401's).These cranks look similar to the 401 Series (also accept a six spline spindle) but the pinch bolt bosses were welded on and the pedal bosses were not the full wrap around version.They also came with a non-threaded spindle and sealed bearings.These cranks are commonly mistaken for the older more valuable 401 Series but are not considered to be true old school items.They are considered Mid school by most knowledgeable collectors.

Later in the evolution REDLINE came out with the double pinch Flight cranks.These are easily distinguished from the earlier old school versions by the double pinch bolts on each arm.These are not considered old school.

Some people also mistake REDLINE PROLINE cranks for Flights but they are easily distinguished by the fact that the arms are wider and don’t have a channel for the REDLINE decal on the backs of the arms.They also have an 8 spline spindle.All the old school Flight cranks mentioned above did have this channel.

provided by Hutch Heaven aka Windstyler.

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