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Official Olympic BMX Web Site Links w/ Information

UCI - Union Cycliste Internationale
UCI - Union Cycliste Internationale ->BMX
UCI - Union Cycliste Internationale ->BMX ->Olympic Games
UCI - Union Cycliste Internationale ->Rules & Regulations Listings
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The first round of the UCI BMX Supercross will be held
September 9th - 10th 2006 in San Jose, CA (USA) at the
“Toyota Challenge” stop of the Dew Action Sport Tour. ( Information )
“This will be an excellent opportunity to show BMX racing at its best and gives
platform to BMX racing in a format we can expect see in the 2008 Olympics”. - BMX - BMX Association Bylaws.pdf ( PDF File ) = National Bicycle League - NBL BMX - Cycling - Beijing 2008 - Olympic Discipline Cycling - Olympic Discipline Cycling BMX
07-18-2006 - Is BMX Freestyle next to join Olympic program
04-14-2006 - Mongoose Storms China, Sponsorship of China’s National BMX Race Team
03-15-2006 - BMX competition to select talents for Beijing 2008 (photos attached)
CYCLING: BMX: AUGUST: Finals: 1, 1, W 12,20, T 13,21, Medals 2,

Venues: - Location and Area of BMX Competition for Beijing 2008 Games.
Venue: BMX Field - Temporary
Location: Laoshan, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Functions during the Games: Cycling (BMX)

Johan Lindstrom
Coordinateur sportif - BMX
BMX Sports Coordinator
UCI tech. delegate for BMX
Union Cycliste Internationale
CH - 1860 Aigle, Switzerland
Tel : +41-24.468.58.11
Fax : +41-24.468.58.12

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