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02/07/2006 USA Cycling Statement Regarding 2008 Olympic

Team Selection for BMX and MTB athletes.

USA Cycling and the United States Olympic Committee are
currently reviewing the selection procedures that will be used
to make nominations to both the 2007 Pan American Games
and 2008 Olympic Games Teams.

As these procedures are not finalized nor approved, they are not
ready for publication; however, we are announcing that potential
qualifying events for the proposed Olympic Games selection events
may commence with the first 2006 UCI Supercross event for BMX
athletes (Date and Location TBA by the UCI) through the accumulation
of UCI points earned at this and all subsequent UCI Supercross and
World Championship events; and as early as August 2006 for MTB
athletes through UCI points earned at the 2006 UCI Cross Country
World Championships (Aug 22 -27, Rotorua, NZL).

It is strongly recommended that cyclists plan and train accordingly.

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03/02/2006 - 2006 UCI BMX World Challenge Championship Team Selection

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