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Here is a list of the JMC frames and approximant dates they were made.  11 different frames were made.

1976 Six or more Prototypes. Short JMC Standards and Long JMC Standards.
4/6/1977     1st production Short JMC Standard for David Wilson JMC1
6/15/1977     1st production Long JMC Standard for Clint Miller JMC20
1978     Tear drop forks
2/7/1980     1st JMC Mini JMC1801
3/25/1980     1st JMC Black Shadow JMC2175 
( I don't remember when we started using the K)
5/16/1980   1st JMC Special Later named 3.1XL by Matt Raymer of Oklahoma JMC2457
9/19/1980     1st JMC Chrome Bike JMC Mini JMC2815
9/19/1980 1st Bike to use the name 3.1XL Chrome sold to HUTCH MX Racing XL3181
11/25/1980     1st Chrome JMC Shadow Scarlett's Schwinn K3733
7/1981     1st Red JMC Shadow for DY k6097, k6098 was also Darrells but black 
1/12/1982     K8201 was the first frame to use the first 2 numbers as the year 
1/14/1982     1st JMC 16" Pit Bike Jason Wharton Chrome P16-1 (110 made)
Feb/1982     Production colored JMC Shadows
4/1982     1st 24" JMC Cruiser made
9/15/1982     1st JMC JR Mini The JR was for Justin Roos only about 54 made
10/24/1983     1st Darrell Young Design DYXP 1 and DYXP 2 both red.
April/1984     1st JMC Micro Mini. I think there was 85 made.
8/2/1984     1st JMC Andy Patterson Series 278 made in 1984 & 55+ made in 1985
K3733 was the 1st Chrome Shadow
Courtesy of Jim Melton

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