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I recently received an e-mail from the man himself "Voris Dixon" see text below:
The only thing I have left is a March 1983 issue of "Super BMX Magazine" where they did a product test on the Changa. Also one business card and one fluted seat post. The test was done by Woody Itson. I used to make his handlebars. Also made some Hutch Handlebars along with Robinson, Powerlite, and ProNeck. Think I was the first to make the Vector aluminum bars made of 2024 Aluminum.
If I remember the serial Numbers were 7 numbers. The first three were the number of frame that month and the next two were the month and the next two were the year.
We made the "Changa" Long and Regular. "Chimp" a mini. "Gorilla" 24" wheel.
Made Gorilla Bars (handlebars). Made laid back seat posts and other things I'm sure. Made lots of stuff for others. Made the whole ProNeck line of frames, forks, handlebars and seatposts.
I did come up with the dual pierce design. The one draw back was that it took a tenspeed type headset which was not accepted in those days as being usuable for BMX.
Will be happy to answer other questions as you think of them.
Now YOU can email Voris direct:

Be sure to read the text above b4 contact, he does NOThave bikes or other stuff left.
Also Voris is a busy guy, and may take a few days to respond.

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