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Here is the skinny on a way to eventually get VDC pads and decals.

I recently (1/6/06) got this email from Marc Tardif:
Hey Gary,

I have not had VDC decals and pads made in a long time.  I do get requests
every now and then and sold the last available decal sets in the last year
or so.  I am keeping the last set as a spare for my son's VDC Chimp mini.

I don't mind you posting my email at all.  What I think I'm going to do is
build up a list of interested people and eventually get a batch done when
the list is large enough.  As you know, printers have minimum fees and I
would not want to sell decal sets at a prohibitive price.  I want to stick
to $40, like I always did.  The same is true for pads..

I have a set of his last ones, and they were well worth it! Cheers

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