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1992 Hyper HPR-20

1992 Hyper HPR-20

Hyper HPR-20 Prototype. The decals were not used on the production bikes. The F20Z was the prototype designation. It was changed to HPR-20 for production.

The declas for the Prototype came were designed by me and came in in 1991. The Protoype was featured in the April 1992 issue of BMX Plus! I seem to remember two different prototypes were made OR one front end was made with two different back ends. I have one of those back ends in my possesion.
The bike in the picture is no longer in my possesion, that picture was taken the day I picked it up from the welder. From memory I think the bike only came in Black and maybe Blue. just cant remember. I think only one production run was ever done, of 25 bikes. 

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