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2012 Hyper Metro

2012 Hyper Metro

Scrapped bike build

This partial bike was being scrapped. Missing wheels, forks, cranks & sprocket, pedals, seat, and grips. I repainted what was left. I had a few parts around to build it. I had to buy the seat, cranks, stem, grips, and pedals.

I didn't want to "restore" a Walmart bike, so I did what I wanted to do with it. Decided to go a little Old School in style. I've always loved the neon green on black livery, and I had the Monster Energy decals from a project that was sold before completion. I still want to add a laid-back seatpost, black skyways, and neon green freestyle tires. Thanks for looking. Here's the current parts list:

2012 Hyper Metro frame (semi-gloss black)

Mongoose 1" threaded freestyle forks (semi-gloss black)

Neco headset (black)

Black Ops "GT Mallet" copy freestyle stem (aluminum)

Odyssey CroMo bars (flat black)

Stock side pull front brake & lever with Eastern linear cable (black with neon green cable)

Stock U-brake rear brake, lever and gyro cable (black with neon green painted cables)

SST Oryg detangler with top plate (black)

Sinz brake pads (green)

Oury reproduction Old School waffle grips (neon green)

Origin 8 Aero gel seat (bright green)

Odyssey Convertible seatpost (black ano)

Stolen Mob cranks 175mm (black)

Porkchop Deep Dish spider (machined black ano)

Sinz 40T chainring (black ano)

Origin 8 chrome ring bolts

DK PC pedals (team green)

KMC 410 chain (neon green)

48 spoke rear wheel (Araya-type hoop - epoxy white paint)

36 spoke front wheel (Araya-type hoop - epoxy white paint)

Joytech alloy loose bearing hubs (black ano)

DT stainless steel 14 gauge spokes

Wheelsmith 9/16" x 14 Gauge spoke nipples (black ano)

AC 15T freewheel (dust covers removed)

Stock Hyper tires? (came with scrap pile)

Stock steel pegs (black with neon green insides)

Neon green Skull valve stem caps


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